Everyone knows the questions, we offer solutions. Our development and marketing team is made up of some of the best, brightest, and most knowledgeable people in the entire eGaming industry.


20 years of sports wagering software development experience (earned in the field, the hard way, putting in time at some of the largest sportsbook operations in the world) has gone into our sports and racing applications.


We know that the last thing you want to worry about is the stability of your software and the accuracy of the information it provides you with. DGS lets you focus on your risk and keeps you out of your server room.


Backed by a ultra-stable, solid group of partners, and managed by a proven executive team, with a demonstrated design finesse incorporating simplicity with function in our full suite of integrated gaming products, DGS is the clear choice. 


DGS Sportsbook


Our Features Include:


    •     Scalability

    •     Instant Grading

    •     Lightning Fast Internet Content

    •     Comprehensive Fraud Control and

    •        Player Tracking Tools

    •     Marketing Effectiveness Tracking Tools


DGS brings you all this plus the easiest-to-use call center clerk and line management interfaces in the industry, offering a complete Agent account tracking module—this feature alone can save you hundreds of hours managing account transfers and disbursements—digital voice recording, as well as all the operations and finance management tools you will need to securely and efficiently administer your sports and racing operations.


Of course we support all major bet types for every major sport, both in-house and online.


The Sportsbook industry has become truly global, and for that reason our back office system is multi-currency enabled and our online client is multi-language ready. DGS also allows you to choose how odds are displayed to your customers (decimal, fractions).


We also realize that success requires instant access to the right information. For this reason we’ve developed interfaces to all the major sports wagering line and information services. Our track feed provides real-time horse information (including late scratches, up to-the-minute post times and results as soon as they are available) for hundreds of tracks located all over the globe.


Our industry-leading call center application includes a racing module that eliminates all hand tickets for horses, dogs and even house Qs


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